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Welcome to Hotwyr Kennels Australia, we are a small kennel based in the Macedon Ranges and in the South Island of New Zealand. Our dogs are family and as such they an integral part of  daily life. I love nothing better than to see the dogs running free and doing what they were bred to do - hunt, point, retreive.
I grew up with having dogs, so it made perfect sense in later life to get a dog! I fell in love with a German Shorthaired Pointer (GSP) named Quade and my love of Pointing Breeds began. Over the last 20 odd years I have had a number of GSPs and have had many wonderful times, in the showring, participating in Endurance Trials and generally enjoying my dogs company. But something was missing, I now know it was the German Wirehaired Pointers! I had always admired this breed but had never really had the opportunity to own one. Then in  2008 the love affair with the "class clown" breed began in ernest....I've never looked back. This breed is a constant source of enjoyment.
Through this breed I formed a wonderful friendship with Rae Bank, Rae sent me my first male GWP. The rest they say is history. In 2010 Rae kindly offered for me to use the Hotwyr prefix in Australia. I jumped at the opportunity for us both to work together in Australia and New Zealand to promote this wonderful breed. We've been working together ever since. We think breed great dogs for great homes! I have also been fortunate to draw upon the breed "wisdom" from wonderful friends and mentors such as Anette Erlandsson (Trollangens Kennels Sweden) and Mandy Geary (Germanus GWPs UK) along with Rae we have all worked together to produce some fabulous dogs.
Our aim is to breed for correct confirmation, temperaments and to ensure we improve our breed. We do not breed to make money, for this reason litters are rarely available. All our dogs are from proven field/working lines, it just so happens that they also excel in the show ring.
Please feel free to enjoy our site, however we encourage you to visit us on Facebook - Hotwyr German Wirehaired Pointers Australasia.
Fiona Ellis.

Photo: Fiona and Skipper - Aust Ch Hotwyr Paybacks a Beach


Photo: Fiona and Skipper - Aust Ch Hotwyr Paybacks a Beach 



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