News 2014

December - The tremendous 10 have all grown up its time for them to leave for their new homes. Mickey and Tye off to Melbourne, Terry, Heartman, Vee and Pete all head to Brisbane, Ari heads to Gippsland, Wilma and Kitty Sydney, and Chewy stays with us. Tye (now Indy), is off to be a versatile gundog and will be shown and worked with our good friends Tina and Bruce, Terry is now Holmes and he will be shown by another of our good friends Tony. Wilma stays in Sydney and heads to a fantastic home where she will be trained in many different disciplines including Gundog working, Obedience and Agility to name a few - its a change for her owner Pam who is a long time GSP owner (we say she saw the light). Chewy stays to play at Hotwyr is and is now called Walter...
We take the opportunity to show at some cooler night time shows and Vani proves how much she loves this taking out 5 Minor puppy in Group from 5 shows. Lana also takes a class in group. Wilma shows us what star she is featuring in the Hotwyr Xmas card

November - Monroe's babies are growing like weeds and all look lovely. While Monroe is caring for her litter. Lana, Vani, Raj and "Grannie Annie" head to shows. Our month end tally is very pleasing. Lana has a super weekend taking out two Runner up in Group (Group 2nd) in two days, 3 intermediate in group for the month. Vani steps up to the big time and takes out a number of Best of Breeds and 4 Minor puppy in group wins on the one weekend.

October - Well the big news is our Monroe/Raj babies arrive in typical Monroe fashion she presents us her babies a number of days early. She blows my "Halloween Theme" litter out of the water. The new arrivals are all healthy, chunky puppies 5 girls and 5 boys. Monroe is a super first time mother. We break the news to Raj, that he's a dad, he runs off to play, oh the excitement of it all, he's had a good months showing with a number of classes in group and a runner up in group. The girls Lana and Shirelle have held their own in the show ring as well.



September - Monroe is confirmed in whelp, she's happy and super fit and really enjoying the perks of pregnancy (extra food). Life goes on for the other kids, Shirelle is awarded Best Exhibit in group, and Lana is awarded a lovely runner up in group (Group 2nd), new kid in the ring Vani takes out two more baby in group, we get load of lovely comments. Raj continues to be resident Goof and soon to be dad, he's takes home a few more ribbons and shows the girls how its done.

August - Our favourite month of showing has arrived and best of all we get to bring our new addition to Hotwyr out. Our results are as follows: We did a total of 9 shows (there was a healthy entry of GWPs too). I am pleased to report the following: 9 Best of Breeds and all Dog and Bitch challenges awarded to our kids, Best of Breed, 4 to Raj, 3 to Shirelle, 2 to Lana. Although Lana didnt convert as many BCCs to Best of Breed she did manage to take five of the 9 BCCs with Shirelle taking the other four, and in all cases all our girls also took out RBCC as well over other bitches. Our results include 2 x Baby in Show (Vani was only eligible the last 2 days of the 9), 1 x Neuter in Show (Granny Annie), 7 x Neuter in Groups (Granny Annie - lets not mention the one she missed out on, she was clearly depressed at not getting a ribbon). It was good to see good neuter competition too, 2 x Inter in Group (Lana), 1 x Inter in Group (Raj) and 1 x Ausbred in Group (Monroe), 1 x 1st in Sweeps (Vani). Rae decided to stay on and do Parkes with, Vani Baby in Group and a 2nd in Sweeps.

July - We still get to a few shows with Annie taking our more classes in group and cementing her place as Number 1 Neuter Gundog in Australia .

June - Well the cold weather has arrived. Lana takes a well earned break but Raj and Annie still head off to shows. Taking out many classes in group and classes in show. We enjoy our time off and we focus on our training retrieving training

May - We brave the cooler weather, the team comes together at Bathurst for shows with International panel of Judges. Lana decides that its time she stepped up to the "big time". She takes out Best in Group (Group 1) under a Finnish Judge Mrs T Ahlman-Stockmari from Finland - she tells us how much she loved Lana from the moment she stepped into the ring - we are thrilled as her win is in the finest of company (there are a number of Best n Show winners in the line-up) and under a judge with international judging experience. We also exhibit the at the Open show and Lana takes out Best in Group again, Annie not to be outdone takes out neuter in Group at both the Championship and Open show and goes on to neuter in show at the open show - its a great day and we receive many lovely comments from exhibitors and our friends near and far. Later in the month we head to Temora for six shows we have another good weekend taking out 1 class in show and a class in group with Annie, 3 classes in group with Lana, 1 class in group with Raj - not a bad effort really. Towards the end of the month Raj also takes out Australian Bred in group compared to the other dogs in the line-up he is just a baby and by far the youngest. Saving the best til last! We welcome 8 sweet puppies into our Kennel, Raj the Sire and our lovely Lizzy the dam - mother and puppies all doing well, and as for Raj well life goes on for him running playing showing and just being our resident Goof - who is also a Dad!



April - The shows wind down in preparation for the Purina Sydney Royal, before it starts we take Monroe to a few shows and along they way she picks up 2 classes in group, a number of Best of Breeds and makes the cut for group, not bad for a lass who has been focusing on field work! The "big day" arrives - Sydney Royal, this year its a bit different for us the Judge is a Breed Specialist from Italy, his CV notes he is the President of the GWP federation in Italy and is credited with bringing some of the first GWPs into Italy. To say we had a super day is an understatement! We enter 4 dogs and they all win their age classes. Raj wins Challenge dog and goes onto Best of Breed, Shirelle wins Best Bitch and goes onto Runner up Best of Breed, Lana wins Reserve Bitch the judge tells us she is very promising. Happy much - Yes.

March � Our training continues and we opt for training over shows, we still do a few with Lana taking out two more Junior in groups and a number of Best of breeds. Shirelle and Raj also show beautifully and also take out a number of Best of Breeds, Annie also continues on her winning way making her way to number 1 Neuter Gundog in Australia

February � We limit our shows due to the heat, Lana still continues on her winning ways taking out 2 x Junior in groups, a number of Best of Breeds and is now regularly making the final "cut" for Best in Group. We take the girls in the cool of the morning and train them for upcoming Trails, Annie, Monroe and Lana all love it. Annie has her first show for 2014 and takes out Neuter in Show under the well respected Gundog Specialist Mr G Spagnolo - its a thrill for us including Annie!

January � We kick off the year with Lana taking out Puppy in Group at our first show for the year. At the same show Raj takes out a lovely Breed and makes the cut for group. Raj and Lana turn 1 year old and on their birthday we head off for puppy of the year, we don't make the semi finals but are please as the eventual puppy of the year finalists come from our heat.

News 2013

December � Time to start winding down for a break and winding up for Xmas celebrations � We don�t show much in December, Lana takes out a Puppy in show, it�s the first time Rae shows Lana while Fiona watches from the sidelines with an injury � luckily for Rae she is awarded Puppy in show with Lana � not before she receives instructions as long as your arm!

November � As the year winds down we do head to a few more shows, soon it will to too hot for human and canine to show. The dogs will turn their hand at some obedience training. Before we settle back for the Xmas break we do what we love � show off our kids. Lana again has a stellar month (she�s getting a reputation for being a �fingie addict)� taking our six puppy in group awards for the month. Her mother Annie has been quietly racking up Neuter in group awards but decides to show Lana how it�s done � Annie is awarded six neuter in group awards and one neuter in show award not bad for an old girl! Raj takes a junior in group award, which is a good result considering he follows Lana into the ring for class in group awards, never easy when a dog of the same breed as be awarded the class in group � Raj doesn�t mind he happily plays with Lana�s toys from sweepstakes wins � she however does mind!

October � A super month for our show team, we all meet up for shows in the Southern Riverina. What a weekend � Day 1 Shirelle takes out Best in Group, Day 2 Shirelle is awarded Best of Breed and Intermediate in show, Day 3 Lana takes out Best of Breed, Minor Puppy in Show and 1st in Sweepstakes, Day 4 Lana is again awarded Best of Breed and Minor Puppy in Group � these two girls sure know how to have fun. Raj has to be content with Dog challenge on 3 of 4 days. It�s a super month for Lana with one class in show and five classes in group (she even had a hat trick � three consecutive days in a row). She also brings up her title at nine months and makes the cut for best in group. As always our dogs are loads of fun in the ring and we get many comments on what characters they are � yep that�s a Hotwyr!

September � With both Raj and Lana both nearing their Australian Championship titles the race is on to see which one gets theirs first. Both youngsters have had strong competition and have done very well winning challenges over mature competition. Raj takes the �chequered flag� titling at eight months and three days old � one of the youngest for the breed. He brings this up in spectacular style by winning Puppy in Group, giving him a two class in groups for the month of September. Lana always a competitive lass takes out two Minor puppy in show, and a minor puppy in group awards � we are so thrilled with the Annie/Ruko kids.

August - Another super month, the youngsters are now showing the older girls how its done. In August both Raj and Lana take out 2 x Puppy in Show and 1 x Puppy in group, receiving many super comments along the way. They continue to make their presence felt in sweepstakes as well with Lana taking out a number of placing including a number of first places. Our biggest thrill is at the very end of August with our young boy Raj taking out the Dog Challenge at DOGS NSW Spring Fair, without a doubt one of the most prestigious shows on the calendar. Even more thrilling is the judge is from Germany (and clearly knows his German Breeds) he awards the lovely Shirelle Best of Breed and Annie neuter of the breed. He is very complementary about all our dogs and was thrilled to award Raj the Dog Challenge over mature competition.

July - From the moment they hit the show ring the Kiwi girls make their mark. Shirelle (New Zealand Champion Hotwyr Baby its You) and Liz (New Zealand Champion Korskote Witch and Famous) both girls take out multi Best of Breeds and classes in group. Eager to be part of the show team Lana and Raj add more Baby Puppy in groups to their total. At the end of July the "Babies" step up the big time and are eligible to compete in the Challenge line up. Raj announces he is ready and takes at a lovely best of breed over mature competition. Lana also does her bit taking out Best Minor Puppy in show under a Gundog specialist.
June - Hotwyr Australia has its first Grand Champion at just 2 years and 8 days old, Miss Monroe (Aust Grand Champion Hotwyr No Bizniz Like Show Bizniz) is a Grand Chamption, she is Multi Class in show, Multi Group 2 Winner, Royal Challenge winner and an all around great girl. Also adding to our excitement the "Girls" from Hotwyr New Zealand arrive to join the Australian show team.
May - More great times with the kids. Monroe edges ever closer to her Australian Grand Championship by winning over mature exhibits, she continues to be in contention for Best in Group and is frequently shortlisted. The babies Raj and Lana are having a super time in the ring and causing much consternation, judges love them both and tell us either is a super baby. Raj wins 4 more Baby in groups and number of sweepstakes wins and places. Lana decides its her time to win a ribbon and takes home 3 Baby Puppy in groups and also wins and places in sweepstakes. She is a show girl. We are also thrilled that many of this month's wins are under Gundog Judges Internationally and Domestically - a real thrill to get these acknowledgements and accolades.
April - We take a break in April in the early part of the month. Towards the end of the month we do a few shows with Monroe picking up another class in group. On Anzac day we (myself, Rae and the kids - Raj, Lana, and Monroe) head off to the County of Cumberland show, this is our first show with the new kids. Monroe kicks of the day in fine style taking out Best of Breed over mature competition. We finish the day in super style with Raj - Hotwyr Big Bang Theory - taking our Best baby puppy of the Gundog group with some very beautiful babies in the line up. He continues on his winning way taking another Baby Puppy in Group and a 2nd in sweeps during April. Monroe not to be outdone also takes out another Best of Breed over mature competition.
March 2013 - In the lead up to the Sydney Royal, March is a traditionally quiet month, before the Royal we head to a couple of shows. Monroe stars again regularly being shortlisted for group along with many other lovely dogs, she adds three more classes in group to her ribbon collection. Time moves so quickly before we know it our "babies" fly the nest to their new homes, two of them will stay in Sydney and one heads of to Victoria. Rae and I decide to run on two puppies, they will make their ring debut in April. As Easter nears, its time to head off to the Sydney Royal Dog show, as its forecast to be a very hot autumn day we opt to only take Monroe, once again she does us proud picking up her forth "Bitch Challenge" at a Royal dog show, making us even prouder is the fact she is the only Australian Bred specimen of our breed to be exhibited! She leaps with unbounded excitment as the judge points the finger at us for best "bitch" shes even more excited as the crowd claps and cheers (probably at her antics!).
February 2013 - The five Hotwyr babies and growing in leaps and bounds, all starting to have their own personalities. We just love them all. Our older kids take interest and Stark aka Herman plays regulary with them when he is not strutting his stuff in the showring. February sees Stark become an Australian Champion at a little over 8 months old, beating mature competition he will now be called Aust Ch Hotwyr Game of Thrones (AI). Miss Monroe continues on her winning ways taking out the Bitch Challenge at Canberra Royal dogs show, over strong mature competition. We are thrilled, the judge is very complimentary and says she is a promising youngster. Monroe continues to be noticed in the group line-up and making the "cut" for Best in group is now a regular occurence. She adds another two classes in group to her ribbon collection.
January 2013 - The silly season is behind us but as ususal January is another busy month. We enter some shows, we get to some others we dont due to the hot weather. We are confirmed as the Winner of the DOGZONLINE Point Score for our breed for 2012 in both Australia and New Zealand. We take out No1 GWP All Breeds, No1 GWP Best of Breed and No1 GWP Rising Star (overall) with Miss Monroe in Australia and Shirelle aka NZ CH Hotwyr Baby its You in New Zealand - upon checking back on previous years results we realise that no GWP (or Kennel) has ever taken out all three awards in the one year in both Australia and New Zealand - well done to our Miss Monroe and Shirelle, true "showgirls" who give their all in the ring and endears themselves to all they meet. We know we have been competitive in the Rising Star for the Gundog group with Miss Monroe making the top ten for the state and just placing outside the top twenty (21st) for the national score for young gundogs. Shirelle is also in the placings making the top 5 Gundogs in the South Island of New Zealand and just outside the top ten (11th) nationally - not too shabby for a rare breed. True to form Miss Monroe does what she does best and takes out another Group 2 award. Herman is also confirmed No1 GWP Rising Star (male). He has also qualified for the Puppy of the Year (POTY) competition to be held in late January. We dont make it to POTY as our lovely English Lass - Annie whelps 5 strong, chunky babies (four girls and one boy). Lucky for us Rae is in town to visit so she gets to share in the excitment. There will be many more exciting times ahead as Rae has now made the move permanently from NZ. Excitment abounds when over in New Zealand Liz aka Lizzy, Elizabeth, Biffers, NZ CH Korskote Witch and Famous is confirmed in whelp to NZ CH Hotwyr Lock Stock and Barrel aka Young Wyatt. Babies will be bounding about in early March - we are all thrilled.
News 2012
December 2012 - A very busy month for Hotwyr Australia, we have a special visitor arrive. Its Rae Bank our kennel partner from New Zealand she gives us some wonderful news she has been offered a position with her current employer and she is relocating to Australia - we are all thrilled nobody more so than her NZ boy Bond - Aust Ch Hotwyr The Secret Agent (imp NZ) now retired and providing home security. We introduce Rae to the Australian Show scene and head off to do a few shows naturally our kids do us proud with Monroe picking up more classes in Group and being freqeuntly shortlisted for group. December is the month when Hotwyr Game Ov Thrones- Stark (affectionately called Herman) steps up to the big time and is eligible for challenges - he takes it all in his stride and wins challenges over mature competition, by months end he is halfway to his Australian Championship title. We celebrate Xmas and do our final show for the year. Upon entering our final results into the Dogzonline Point Score we realise we have had a cracker year! Miss Monroe leads all three competitions No1 GWP All Breeds, No1 GWP Best of Breed and No1 GWP Rising Star (overall). Herman not to be outdone takes out No1 GWP Rising Star (male). The final results will be confirmed in January 2013. The best news for December comes in the final days of the month, our lovely "english rose" Annie Aust Ch/Nz Champion Germanus Go Get Your Gun for Hotwyr NAVHDA Prize III is confirmed in whelp to the handsome Ruko Smormosens C Ruko, she will whelp late January.
November 2012 - Another super month for us. Miss Monroe continues to go from strength to strength picking up Runner up Best in Group. We make it into the Runner up to Best in Show line up, the judge a Gundog specialist considers Monroe in the line-up and shortlists her for the Runner up in Show award against mature competition, alas maturity wins out on the day - but we are thrilled to be considered at such a young age. For our efforts we take home the Junior in Show award. More excitement in the Kennel as we artifically insemminate Annie to a Danish dog called Ruko - now we wait to see if she is in whelp.
October 2012 - We continue to be the number on GWP Kennel for All Breeds Best of Breed as well as the Rising Star. Both Miss Monroe and Stark receive many lovely compliments in the show ring. Miss Monroe is again in contention for Best in Group awards, she adds another Junior in Group award so pleasing as this award is under a Gundog specialist.
September 2012 -Spring is finally here and time to enjoy the lovely weather and a spot of showing before the hot weather arrives. Our lovely baby - Stark hits the show ring and makes his mark straight away with a Baby Puppy in Group at his first show, he endears himself to everyone and makes many new friends. He backs at it up at his next show with another Baby Puppy in Group. Miss Monroe not to be out done, adds another Group 2 (Runner up in Group) and two Junior in Group awards to her collection, she continues to be in contention for Group 1 awards. With these awards Hotwyr Australia becomes the Number One Kennel for All Breeds, Best of Breed and Rising Star for our breed (as per Dogzonline Pointscore 1 Oct 12). We also catch up with Miss Monroe's litter sister Miss Milli, who we visit on the South Coast - the two girls are happy to see each other.
August 2012 - Our winning ways continue with Miss Monroe she is now a regular for group shortlist she adds another two Junior in Group awards to her ribbon collection, not to mention a number of Best of Breeds over mature competition. Our lovely baby Hotwyr Game of Thrones aka Stark or Herman the German is growing overnight.
July 2012 - What a super month for Hotwyr Kennels, lots happening! Our new baby continues to grow and develop his own personality. We also have a visitor, Nanna Rae (Rae Bank) comes to Australia for a work matter and pays us a visit at the some time - we all have fun especially her NZ boy - Baby Bond he just loves his Nanna! We have a super time in the show-ring with Miss Monroe really doing us proud. She takes out a Runner Up to Best Exhibit in Group at just 13 months old, she is also shortlisted for Best in Group at another three shows with two of these having a very large gundog entry (120+ dogs). She adds to her "fringie" collection with 5 Best Junior in groups. Yet again we receive some lovely comments from the judges. Best of all she continues to enjoy herself in the show ring.
June 2012 - Exciting news Annies delivers one puppy a boy! He is special the semen was 23 years old and we thought our chances were nil, we are so pleased. Miss Monroe celebrates her first bithday and during the month we are awarded a number of Best of Breeds over mature competition - we are thrilled.
May 2012 - Another great month for Miss Monroe, she was awareded Puppy in Show under Gundog specialist Mr S Schwerdt, to add to this she also took out another two puppy in groups plus numerous Best of Breeds. She continutes to lead the Dogzonline Rising Star and Best of Breed point score. Yay Miss Monroe!
April 2012 - Sydney Royal time has arrived, its specialty show time and time for us to have a bit of a break and wait for our turn at the Sydney Royal Dog Show. Our day arrives and we are excited! Miss Monroe turns our excitment into joy taking out the Bitch Challange against mature competition - once again we are thrilled she is the youngest by years in the line up! As there were not many shows in April we decided to head to Canberra to show. Once again Miss Monroe is a star taking out Puppy in Show at the Act Gundog Show under a Gundog Specialist, Puppy in Group at the National Capital Kennel Club and a first in 6-12 Sweepstakes. All the judges are very complimentary about Monroe's conformation, attitude and temperament, comments such as these mean so much. Our best news for April is yet to come!! The lovely Annie is confirmed pregnant via an artficial insemination of frozen semen, Annie's babies will arrive in early June.
March 2012 - Good news abounds, Miss Monroe continues on her winning ways, winning 7 Best of Breeds during the month, against mature competition. To add to this Monroe takes out a further two puppy in groups - this girl sure knows how to have fun. The highlight of the month was our kennel (Hotwyr German Wirehaired Pointers) being awarded DOGS NSW Accredited breeder status, we are currently Australias only Accredited GWP breeder, our Kennel Partner in New Zealand also holds this status. What does this mean? We are committed to breeding dogs of a high standard of health and welfare and disclosure to purchasers. To read more about what this status means please follow this link
February 2012 - Another fantasic month! Our lovely girl Piper can now be called Aust Grand Champion/NZ Champion Korskote Some Like it Hot, Congrats to Piper's breeder (Mandy Atkinson - Korskote Kennels) for once again producing such lovely GWPs. Piper will now turn her "paw" to more exciting things other than showing, i.e. tracking etc. Not to be outdone Piper's daughter also wanted a title, on the 11th of February at 8 mths and 8 days old Monroe attains her Australian Title, she tops off the day with a Puppy in Group and a 3rd in 6-12 Sweepstakes. We also make the trek to Canberra to exhibit in the Canberra Royal dog show, where Monroe takes the Bitch Challenge (despite cavorting around the ring and enjoying herself immensely). We also finished the month with more Best of Breeds and a Minor Puppy in group. It is important to note that the class in group awards and group shortlist (Jan 2012) were all from Gundog group specialists making these awards even more exciting.
January 2012 - Well its offical Miss Monroe is awarded the title of the National GWP Rising Star for 2011, not bad considering she only hit the show ring in September 2011. We are thrilled to have breed such a quality bitch. January also saw us take home a number of Best of Breeds (some over mature competition), a Puppy in Group, but even more pleasing was the Monroe was considered worth of BIG competition by making the shortlist for Best in Group at just 7 months old.
News 2011
December 2011 - Monroe steps up to the big time, now being eligible to compete in Bitch Challenge and Best of Breed line-ups. We finish December with five Best of Breeds, three runner up Best of Breeds, 1 x Minor Puppy in Group and 1 x First in Sweepstakes (under a Gundog Specialist). We add our final points for the GWP Rising Star on the DOGZONLINE Pointscore, our closest rival is 140 points behind us. We wont know until the 6th of January 2012 if we are the winner.
November 2011 - What a month! Hotwyr Kennels is in the spotlight, Theo (from out Fab 5 Litter) appears on stage with his mum Helen and Cesar Milan in Hobart. Miss Monroe is also invited to appear with Cesar at the Sydney show, both puppies are used to demonstrate normal puppy behaviour. Not be to outdone our 10 year old GSP - Reyne films a spot with Dr Harry Cooper on Better Homes and Gardens (to be aired early 2012) - she is part of the segement lifestages of a dog, Reyne is the Senior citizen! In amongst this activity we manage to get to a few shows! Annie finishes of her Australian Title (in quick time) and Monroe continues on her winning way with another 4 baby puppy in groups and a 2nd place in sweepstakes - we are thrilled as Monroe will now step up to the big time in December and be eligible for challenges and Best of Breed.
October 2011 - NZ Champion Germanus Go Get Your Gun for Hotwyr (UK) NAVHDA NA Prize III aka Annie hits Australian shores. Rae (Hotwyr NZ) makes the trip across the ditch with Annie. Annie bounds out of the crate and hugs us both. She settles in right at home with the rest of the Hotwyr Clan. Annie hits the show ring with Monroe, and in her first weekend showing she wins three Best of Breeds. Monroe not to be outdone continues on her winning way adding another 3 Baby Puppy in Groups and 2 x 1st place in Sweepstakes wins, these girls know how to have fun.
September 2011 - We hit the show ring with a bang; at her first show Monroe takes out Best Baby Puppy in sweepstakes and Best baby puppy in Group. Our record for September includes 1 x Baby Puppy in Show, 4 x Baby Puppy in Groups, 1 x First in Sweepstakes, 4 x 2nd in Sweepstakes.
August 2011 - Four of the Fab 5 make their way to new homes; Heartman to Tasmanina, Podge to Sydney, Bertha to Northern NSW, Minnie Me to the South Coast of NSW. Dot the pick of the litter stays with us., we call her Miss Monroe!
July 2011 - Rae (from Hotwyr New Zealand) and Trudy (from Trogun Aussie Shepherds) come to visit and assess the puppies.
June 2011 - The fabulous 5 are born all fit and healthy we are thrilled.
April 2011 - The ultra sound shows Piper has babies on board!
March 2011 - Piper heads to our good friends at Huntwyre to be mated to their lovely dog!
February 2011 - We decide to take a break from showing and concentrate on the settling into the new place, before we do, we attend the Canberra Royal Dog Show. It is there that Baby Bond takes Challenge Dog and Runner up Best of Breed.
January 2011 - We make the move from our home in the Southern Highlands to the foot of the Blue Mountains, its still on acreage. The Hotwyr clan love their new home and being close to their "human" cousins.


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